Steps To Freedom

Steps to Freedom  are a Yorkshire based charity dedicated to help people struggling in poverty, with many campaigns such as ‘Youth Intervention’ & providing dignity bags and essentials to the homeless. We have worked with Steps To Freedom for a long time now, providing photography for their projects to document the work they are doing, these images are used for social media posts and for updating their website, keeping the community up to date with how the can help and where their donations are going.

Our documentary photographers specialise in keeping the images informing and ethical, with several dozen of our pieces currently being showcased to visitors on their website without exploiting the homeless or poverty stricken. Jones Creative Zone are dedicated to helping charities increase their online presence and to working together with Steps To Freedom on a regular basis. It’s essential that photographers who are working with charities have a good ethical understanding of the fine line between exploitation and documentation.

We made sure that we spent time with our documentary subjects before we photographed them, gaining consent from everyone who would appear in these image online. We also listened to their stories and gained context before photographing people, working closely with the charity and the people who need their help most. Chatting to some of the people in need of donations or places to live gave our work a meaning and purpose, our photographers wanted to capture people’s stories not just their faces.

We’d like to thank everyone involved in Steps To Freedom and the programmes they run which help get people into shelters and off the streets and also help people who are in a vulnerable position so they have the skills and tools to keep themselves safe in anyway they can.