At Jones Creative Zone we have a proven record when it comes to design & company rebranding! After being approached by local businesses to assess and shake up their whole image, we decided to freshen up the company’s logo and website which meant a massive overhaul of their store & online presence.

A company’s logo is how clients and potential customers will remember it. This means a large portion of businesses opt for a design that’s memorable but for all the wrong reasons, as it doesn’t fit their services or style… This is where our designers and consultants are here to help. We offer a consultation and analysis of your company’s brand, style and services along with ideas that you may have. Our team of designers will then create several outcomes for your logo and re-branding so you won’t be short of choices or advice when making your decision.

Logo designs and company rebranding are just a small portion of design services we have to offer here. If you need leaflets, business cards, menus or posters then we have designers with professional experience in all different types of design to suit your ideas or needs. We also have the option to print these designs for you.


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